How To Prepare For Your Makeup Service

Well hello again! Thank you for digging in deeper into my beautiful space on the web! As a professional makeup artist, I see so many different skin types, colors and concerns. The major concerns that I see when I am getting ready to apply makeup to a beautiful face is dry skin! Being in Colorado, this is a given, but I want to ensure that the makeup application is set up for success – follow these helpful hints below on how to take care of that gorgeous skin of yours to help make the makeup last long and wear beautifully!

Drinking water is essential, especially when you want your skin to look hydrated and at it’s all time prime. Many people struggle with dry skin, even if they are taken proper care of it, and it usually boils down to not drinking enough H2O throughout the day, Shoot for half your weight in oz. a day!

Don’t you hate tan lines? The last thing you want is to have splotchy or sunburned skin the day of your event! You want to protect your skin from any sun-damage so make sure to wear your sunscreen daily to ensure you’ll have healthy skin. Recommended Sunscreen: Image Skincare Preven on+ Moisturizing SPF 32+

Moisturizing your skin pairs with drinking water! You want your skin to look radiant and hydrated for your event and we always seem to skimp out on moisturizer or are buying the improper moisturizer for our skin. See your favorite esthetician for the best recommendation for your skin type and concerns. Make sure to wear a nice moisturizer day & night!

We want a nice smooth surface so that your skin doesn’t appear to have dry patches. These “dry patches” (normally in your t-zone) are usually dead skin lingering on your face and become very  obvious when foundation is applied to the face. So this is a must! Don’t forget to cleanse your face the day of your special event as well!

With Love,